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Your home’s curb appeal will be enhanced with a thick, green, healthy lawn. To make your lawn healthier and create a welcoming atmosphere for your family and guests, Lawn Care Detroit provides lawn fertilization services in Detroit, MI.

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Lawn Fertilizer Services in Detroit

Having a lush, green lawn isn’t as challenging as you think, on the other hand. The secret lies in regular lawn fertilization. In order to keep your lawn looking picture perfect year after year, fertilizer plays a key role in its care. Just like any plant, lawns require key nutrients in order to thrive. The lawn is often unable to obtain all the nutrients it needs through natural means. Fertilizer is therefore recommended by us, the lawn specialists. Your lawn will become healthier if you spread fertilizer on it to add nutrients it lacks. An attractive lawn needs more than just green color; it should absorb water better, resist pests, and be surrounded by fewer weeds. The weeds must compete to soak up natural nutrients from the land. With lawn fertilization, you can have a gorgeous, green lawn that will make your neighbors jealous.

Do you want your neighbors to be envious of your lawn? Our lawn fertilization and lawn care services are affordable, so contact us today for a free quote. Our lawn fertilizing service is hassle-free. Each lawn requires a different level of lawn care, which is why every lawn requires a different grass service. The Lawn Kingz offers comprehensive, customizable lawn fertilization services in Detroit!

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You can get a personalized lawn fertilization quote in a matter of minutes with our pricing technology. Then, we’ll have a qualified, prescreened lawn care provider come over and fertilize your lawn. With landscaping companies Detroit, both payments and scheduling are automated, and you can manage everything on your phone or computer.

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What Are the Advantages of Fertilizing My Lawn?

For your grass to thrive, it must receive the right nutrients. Identifying what nutrients your grass needs and how often is the first step in selecting a lawn fertilizer. A lot depends on where you live and what kind of grass you have. A variety of other factors can affect the overall health of your grass, including diseases, insects, environmental conditions, and inconsistencies in soil moisture levels. Supplying your grass with the necessary nutrients is one of the most effective ways to address these potential problems. Thanks to lawn fertilization, those nutrients are easily provided for lawn growth. Among the many benefits of lawn fertilization are the following:
Faster recovery: If you notice that your lawn has become discolored or has dry patches, it has likely been damaged by a lack of water, excessive temperatures, insect damage, lawn disease, and/or dangerous weeds. The recovery process will be enhanced with the addition of your usual lawn care program and a correct grass fertilization program.
Faster growth: In order to get a high lawn quality, grass must grow swiftly.
Resistance to weather and climatic conditions: Fertilized grass is resistant to stress circumstances such as harsh weather and excessive foot traffic. Fertilizer is an important tool for lawn care. It will perform better under these conditions if your grass has more nutrients.
Green, lush, and vibrant turf: Grass fertilizer plays a major role in having the green lawn you desire. Moisture is essential for a healthy shine, and nitrogen is the element strongly related to deep, rich colors. Your yard will look better with thick grass, but it goes further. Also, it prevents weeds from taking root because it takes up all available space, leaving no room for weeds to grow.
Reduced temperature: Healthy grass can dissipate as much as 50 percent of the heat around it through a process known as transpiration.

If I Fertilize My Lawn, When Should I Do So?

The process of fertilizing your lawn might seem simple, but determining a schedule that works can be challenging. Is it possible to over-feed your lawn? You certainly can! But, you should never overdo it with fertilizer. The over-fertilizing of lawns can result in irreparable damage to the grass by burning it.

In contrast, if a lawn does not receive enough fertilizer, it may suffer from weeds or poor growth. Keeping a lawn healthy requires the right balance between fertilizing it at the right time. An annual fertilizer feeding in the fall is beneficial to ensure that your lawn has the proper nutrients for the winter. In spring, fertilizing is also a wise idea, since grass is just starting its growing cycle. Warm-season grasses should be fertilized with a slow-release lawn fertilizer formula at the start of the spring, summer, and fall seasons. Grass in the cool season does not require as much maintenance, and you can fertilize it in the spring and fall. In the summer, cool-season grass tends to go dormant, so you don’t need to fertilize it.

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How Do I Choose a Fertilizer?

If you want a healthy and beautiful lawn, you must use the appropriate fertilizer. Where you reside, the type of grass you have, and the season all play a role in determining the best fertilizer for your lawn. How can you know which is the best?

Learn the number system

Every bag of lawn fertilizer has three numbers on it, such as 10-10-10 or 20-5-10. These figures show the percentage of nutrients. The first number is nitrogen (N), which promotes plant growth and gives them a vibrant green color. The second number is phosphorus (P), which is required for root growth and seedling development (important with new grass). The third number, potassium (K), sometimes known as potash, promotes root development and gives resilience to drought and disease. A lawn test is the best way to determine which ratio is required.

Determine the type of grass you have

You’ll need to determine whether your grasses are cool-season, warm-season, or a mix. Warm-season grasses turn brown after the first frost, whereas cool-season grasses retain their green color all year in cool and transitional zones. If you are familiar with grass varieties in the area, you may already know what type of grass your lawn is made up of. Warm-season grasses thrive in southern states, while cool-season grasses thrive in northern states. The central states, on the other hand, feature areas with both warm and cool-season grasses.

Determine soil types and drainage

The sort of fertilizer you use is also determined by your soil. However, in sandy soils that drain effectively, nutrients might leak out along with the draining water and hence do not remain in the soil for as long. Clay soils can be fairly fertile, but their poor drainage can harm the health of your grass.

Select your lawn fertilizer option

The majority of fertilizers sold in stores are synthetic. There are two types of synthetic fertilizers: quick-release and slow-release.

Quick-release granules provide nitrogen to enter the soil quickly, allowing the lawn to regain its brilliant green color faster. The disadvantage is that a lot of nutrients are lost because the plants can’t use them all at once. Your grass may appear healthy at first, but the chance of damage and disease increases. Quick-release granules are more likely to turn the grass brown (fertilizer burn).

Slow-release granules won’t give you as much color as quick-release granules, but they are less likely to burn your lawn and will help it last longer. Another advantage is that it requires fewer applications, which will save you time and work if you’re applying fertilizer by hand.

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Organic Lawn Fertilizer

Natural lawn fertilizer, despite what people may think, exists. A plant can easily digest organic fertilizers because they are byproducts of spontaneous decomposition. Organic fertilizers supply nutrients to plants and lawns over time. Byproducts of animals, such as bird and bat guano, blood meal, bone meal, and feather meal, as well as fish and kelp fertilizers, nourish the soil and support plant growth. Various certified organic items available at local home stores offer plants nutrient-rich sources of natural matter that decomposes and gently nourishes plants.

Pet-safe weed killer and fertilizer for grass

Fertilizer and weed control are often combined to create weed and feed lawn fertilizers. Chemicals such as glyphosate, commonly found in fertilizers and weed killers, are at the core of environmental problems. It accumulates in the soil. Long-term exposure to it can cause cancer and even genetic abnormalities.

In your own home, near your pets, and around your children, you should only use organic lawn fertilizer you feel comfortable applying. Using organic items is safer for members of the family and pets as well. Since children and pets play close to the ground, they are more likely to come into contact with weed-killing chemicals. Animals will consume harmful substances from lawn fertilizer-sprayed grass and plants, including cancer-causing agents.

Make your own lawn fertilizer

You can make a safe lawn fertilizer with a few materials that are readily available in your home for a very low cost. Cans or bottles of beer, household ammonia, and baby shampoo are among the ingredients. They each play an important role. Not only does beer give the grass nutrients, but it also feeds the soil microbes that help the grass grow. Nitrogen is supplied by ammonia. It is important to use non-antibacterial shampoo on a lawn because shampoo makes the soil more absorbent and soil bacteria are crucial to the health of a lawn.

Pour the ingredients into the jar and mix them together. This should be done outdoors or in a well-ventilated environment. Fill a hose-end sprayer with the mixture and place it in a liquid fertilizer reservoir. This homemade lawn fertilizer is safe to use around pets and children.

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How To Apply Fertilizer

You should water your grass before applying lawn care fertilizer. You should water your lawn well a few days before you apply fertilizer. This improves the soil’s condition, allowing it to better absorb nutrients.

You should also select a lawn fertilizer spreader that will be most effective. There are two major types of spreaders: broadcast and drop. Different fertilizer products require different spreader settings to ensure proper coverage. Be sure to read the instructions that come with the fertilizer.

Start by spreading grass fertilizer around the perimeter of your yard. You can fertilize the rest of the grass after you have fed the perimeter without worrying about missing any edges. You should then proceed to the center of the lawn. Using a mowing pattern, go back and forth in straight lines, slightly overlapping between passes. Fertilizing your lawn too much will cause it to burn, so be careful when applying fertilizer.

Learn more about how to use lawn fertilizer

How To Overseed Your Lawn

The combination of fertilizer and overseeding may be exactly what your lawn needs if it is thinning, looking tired, or isn’t as vibrant and green as it should be. In order to fix existing problems with your lawn, lawn care professionals recommend dethatching or raking it before overseeding.

Grass seed can thicken up thin areas of your lawn. Overseeding your grass after fertilizing is the best time. Should you be overseed in spring as well? If you want to plant cool-season grass seeds in your lawn, the most optimal time to do so is in the fall. You can also reap benefits from spring overseeding, depending on the grass variety. In general, grass seeds take between 5 and 30 days to germinate. Lower temperatures can make the process even longer. During this time, grass will start growing. It is essential that the seed, or soil and mulch in contact with the seed, remain moist until this stage.

Professional Lawn Fertilization Services in Detroit

Fertilization alone may not produce the results you want. Fertilization is merely one step in the process of Detroit lawn care services. In addition to a regular lawn fertilizer schedule, a full lawn treatment service should include lawn mowing and maintenance, bush and tree trimming, yard clean-up, weed control, and leaf removal. If you need lawn fertilization services in Detroit, don’t hesitate to give Lawn Kingz a call!

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If you’re searching for immediate results, fertilization alone is unlikely to be effective. Fertilization is only one phase in the process of lawn care upkeep, which includes several others. As an addition to the application of regular lawn fertilizer, lawn care services should include grass mowing and upkeep as well as pruning and weeding, as well as leaf raking. Call us today for a no-obligation quotation!