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Lawn aeration is a vital part of maintaining a beautiful lawn because it ensures that enough nutrients reach the soil beneath the grass. A way to accomplish this is by a process known as core aeration, also known as lawn plug aeration. It is necessary for lawn care because it lets air and water to penetrate the grass.

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Lawn Aeration Services in Detroit

Lawn Care Detroit is available on a regular basis to aerate your lawn! Our expert lawn specialists utilize specially built core aeration equipment to loosen your compacted soil. Our lawn professionals have at least ten years of expertise and can assist you with your aerating problems. They even charge a reasonable fee for their services! Your grass may grow stronger and healthier than before in only a few weeks. Even better, it may last longer than anticipated!

You’re not alone if you struggle to keep your lawn looking green and healthy throughout Detroit’s short winters. The humid continental climate of Detroit, which is located in eastern Michigan, is characterized by lengthy, cold winters. For several months of the year, temperatures may struggle to rise above freezing. Snowfall occurs five months out of the year on average. While Michigan’s summers are brief, temperatures in Detroit have reached more than 100 degrees at times. Only a few grass species are tough enough to survive such extreme temperatures.

What is Lawn Aeration?

Aeration is a lawn care process that involves puncturing the soil with small holes by use of a yard aerator in order to let air, water, and nutrients absorbed into the grassroots. A core aeration treatment helps roots to develop deeply and vigorously, resulting in a healthy lawn.

What are the benefits of aerating your lawn in Detroit?

Aerating your lawn is necessary to ease soil compaction, which restricts appropriate air, water, and nutrient movement in the soil. Soil compaction happens when there are an excessive number of solid particles in a given region.

Because compacted soil can crush the roots, restricting their capacity to function, the soil should be aerated on a regular basis. A buildup of waste on the grass might also impede the roots from collecting essential nutrients.

When should you aerate your lawn?

When you should aerate and overseed your grass depends on where you reside. Aerating your lawn for cold season grass is best done in the early spring or late fall. Warm-season grass should be aerated in the late spring. This is because the grass will be able to grow to fill in any open places pierced in the soil.

How to know when your yard needs to be aerated

A basic lawn aeration test may be performed using a screwdriver or pencil. Insert either item into the dirt. If it’s too tough, the earth is compacted and has to be aerated using a lawn aerator.

Aeration can help your grass if:

  • It is regularly driven on. The weight of a vehicle, even movers, may flatten dirt.
  • There is a lot of foot traffic. Children and pets roaming around the yard add to soil compaction.
  • It is part of a freshly built house. The topsoil of newly built lawns is frequently scraped or buried, and the grass growing on the subsurface has been compressed by construction activity.
  • It takes too long to drain, and you have water puddling on the grass after a downpour.
  • There is heavy wear, thinning, patching, or bare.
  • It has a lot of clay soil.
  • It has a thatch covering that is thicker than half an inch. Thatch is the layer of vegetation that exists between the live grass and the soil. Remove a slice of your lawn with a spade to examine the grassroots in the soil. If they reach 4-6 inches deep, your turf is not compacted. However, if the roots barely extend 1-2 inches, you should consider aerating.
  • It has a spongy feel to it or dries quickly.
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How to Aerate Your Lawn in Detroit

If you want to delegate the task to the professionals, Lawn Kingz can provide you with an instant tailored estimate. We will dispatch one of our qualified lawn service specialists to your location, who will complete the task swiftly and efficiently. If you’d like to DIY your own lawn you can watch a video on how to aerate your lawn.

Recommendations before lawn aeration

  • Make certain that the soil has appropriate moisture. It is recommended that you water your lawn the day before aeration or aerate your lawn the day after it has rained.
  • Mark the positions of irrigation or septic lines, sprinkler heads, and other subsurface utilities with marking flags.

Recommendations during lawn aeration

  • The majority of aeration machines only cover a small fraction of the soil surface per pass. By leaving unaffected areas alone, you can save energy and resources. However, you should go over the most compacted regions several times. If you aerate your grass within the last year, you should only need to do one pass. Make two passes with the aerator if it has been over a year. Aim for a hole density of 20 to 40 per square foot.
  • Allow the excavated soil plugs to dry and degrade after utilizing grass plug aeration to ensure a uniform appearance of your lawn. Microorganisms found in these plugs eat lawn thatch. By passing over the decomposed soil plugs with a lawnmower or rake, you can break them up.

Recommendations after lawn aeration

  • It is extremely recommended that lawns be fertilized and seeded shortly after aeration. Cover the lawn with a quarter inch of compost and rake it into the aeration holes if the soil is excessively compacted.
  • Water your grass several times more following aeration, especially if it is hot or dry.
  • Weed seeds are brought up from lower soil levels by lawn aeration. To inhibit weed control, use a pre-emergent herbicide in the spring after cool-season turf has been aerated in the autumn. For warm-season grass, apply the herbicide in the fall after aeration. Applying a pre-emergent herbicide at the same time as reseeding is not recommended.
  • Maintain basic lawn care methods such as fertilization, watering, and mowing.

If your lawn is a suitable candidate for lawn aeration, it is critical that you incorporate it into your lawn care routine. Aeration is an important procedure for enabling it to breathe again and creating a lush and beautiful grass.

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What Equipment Should You Use to Aerate Your Lawn?

It is normally advised that a lawn aerator be used to do the work efficiently and effectively. You may choose a lawn aerator based on the work at hand by looking at the types outlined below.

You may also aerate tiny portions of a lawn using your hands or a pitchfork, but this is time-consuming and not recommended for big expanses.

Lawn Aerator Types: Plug Aerator vs. Spike Aerator

A spike aerator and a plug aerator are the two primary lawn aeration instruments.

Spike lawn aerators use a fork to poke holes into the soil, whereas plug lawn aerators remove a tiny area of grass or dirt from the lawn. A spike aerator is basically a tool with a solid tine that is used to poke holes into the earth. It’s crucial to note that just poking holes might be ineffective and can lead to further soil compaction if done poorly.

It is recommended that a lawn aeration tool be used to remove soil plugs for the best results. This is especially true in areas where the soil is rich in clay.

If your lawn might benefit from aeration and you need the best, call us at (313)631-1242 or get a free quotation online to be connected with a lawn care Detroit professional. Your garden will appreciate it.

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