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Any beautiful, green lawn is at the mercy of weeds. Even the best-kept lawns can be infested with weeds. To meet your weed control needs, Lawn Kingz offers a range of services. Start by giving us a call and we’ll give you an accurate quote within a few minutes.

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Professional Weed Control Services

Having weeds in your lawn is a significant problem that Lawn Kingz Lawn Care Detroit understands. We provide weed control in Detroit to keep your lawn healthy, strong, and green by removing invasive weeds. In addition to being fully trained and knowledgeable about weed control products as well as the application methods, our landscapers provide efficient service and proven results on every project.

With weed control, we can eliminate:

  • Crabgrass
  • Dandelions
  • Clovers
  • Other weeds

The weed problem that occurs on one property might be completely different from the weed problem on another. We offer weed control that is customized to fit the needs of every residential or commercial property that we serve. Providing the most effective results for your specific weed problem is our aim with each weed control application. We use the right products for the specific weeds that plague your lawn.


What causes weeds to grow in my yard?

Weed seeds are transported by the wind, water, animals, and soil amendments. The weeds will spread across your entire property once they’re on the premises. You can grow them back even if you think they’re dead for good. The reason for this is that weeds may remain dormant in a lawn for several years before they begin to grow. To germinate, seeds need sunlight and moisture to reach the surface of the soil.

Having weeds on your property can negatively impact the health of your lawn, so it’s important to take care of them. Identifying common weeds and treating them properly will help you combat weed invasion. If you’re not sure what to do about weeds on your property, give us a call. We’d love to assist you.

Weed Control Throughout The Year

Our weed control service includes preventative services in the spring to help keep weeds from establishing themselves in your yard. During the summer, we also apply weed control products to help control invasive weeds. To provide the most effective results, our landscapers utilize the right equipment for applying the right amount of product exactly where it is required.

No matter your needs, we can meet them, from weed control and lawn care to full-service landscaping. You can get free quotes for weed control in Detroit as well as our other lawn services such as lawn mowing, fertilization, yard cleanup, gutter cleaning, and pressure washing. We offer lawn care programs are available that help grows a strong and healthy lawn free of weeds, pests, and other problems.

Avoiding Weeds in Your Landscaping Beds

Your flower beds can quickly become overgrown with weeds if you aren’t careful. The weeds will ruin the look of your landscaping beds and rob your flowers of the sunlight, water, and nutrients they need to continue to grow and thrive. To have healthy and beautiful flowers and plants in your landscaping beds, it is essential to eliminate weeds.

We offer effective services to ensure that your flower beds stay free of weeds and look their prettiest. Our flower care and fertilization services help your flowers stay healthy and weed-resistant. Since fertilization alone is not sufficient for preventing and eliminating all weeds, we offer bed maintenance and weeding services.

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Which Are The Most Effective Weed Control Methods?

In order to keep your lawn or garden healthy, weeds should be controlled before they reach a mature stage of growth. Herbicides are applied by hand, including soil cultivation, mulching, and spraying. Here are some common methods for controlling weeds.

By Hand

You can control weeds on your property by manually removing unwanted weeds with a lawn care tool or by hand. Below are some tips for using this method:

  • After a good rainfall, they are much easier to remove.
  • When weeds appear on your lawn, eliminate them immediately.
  • Remove the roots as much as possible from the base.
  • Grass forks, spikes, and slim trowels can be used to dig up thistles and dandelions, which have extensive roots.

By Herbicide

A manual weeding method isn’t practical for large areas or places where weeds are seriously overgrown. It is probably best to use herbicides in these instances. Herbicides are extremely effective when used correctly to fight weed invasions and eliminate weeds. Herbicides can be classified into two types:

  • Systemic herbicides penetrate the root system and treat the inside of the plant.
  • Contact herbicides kill from the outside and are absorbed into the plant. Plants are killed by contact herbicides when they contaminate the exposed parts of the plant and prevent the plant from photosynthesizing.

In addition to these two categories, weed control herbicides can also be selective or nonselective:

  • Selective herbicides only kill some plants. Using these products, you can remove weeds without damaging the surrounding lawn.
  • Nonselective herbicides kill any and all plants they come into contact with. Ideally, these should be used when preparing for a new lawn installation.

There are two kinds of herbicides, pre-emergent and post-emergent, and the moment in which they are applied is extremely important.

  • Pre-emergent herbicides are designed for application before the targeted weed germinates. It is an effective way to prevent weed growth. Herbicides are applied before plants emerge to form a chemical barrier that doesn’t kill established plants. These are best used as preventative measures. The protective barrier breaks down in six to eight weeks, so it is vital that the herbicide be deployed at the right time. It is preferable to apply it when applying pre-emergents. However, caution should be exercised since some garden plants and turf grasses may be harmed.
  • Post-emergent herbicides attack weeds that are already growing. All contact weed killers are post-emergents. Post-emergence herbicides are most effective applied later in the growing season after weeds have already started to grow but before they seed.

Organic Methods

Weed control using organic methods is safer for both family and pets. Children and pets who play on the lawn may come into contact with weed-killing chemicals. It is not uncommon for dogs and cats to chew on grass and plants, and ingesting dangerous compounds can have long-term effects. Cancer can sometimes be caused by chemical herbicides.

Herbicides based on chemical substances generally contain glyphosate as their main ingredient. Glyphosate is highly toxic to the environment. It accumulates in the soil. Cancer may result from prolonged exposure, as well as genetic mutations.

If these chemicals get into the groundwater, problems can arise. Herbicides leach into the soil and are eventually absorbed by the groundwater. The groundwater then flows to rivers, streams, and even into water reservoirs that we use to drink and for household purposes. This is why many customers opt for safe weed control methods.

Using organic compounds to kill weeds does not use this chemical, making them safer for both you and the environment. Your yard will be ready to enjoy immediately after weed control spraying. You can also use organic treatments to control weeds in your flower beds.

Weed control fabric is another organic, non-toxic option. Typically, it is used around shrub and tree bases. Plants buried in the soil underneath can’t sprout weed seeds if they are covered in weed control fabric. Furthermore, it eliminates the need to use harmful herbicides to control weeds.

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