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It is not uncommon for life to interfere with your yard clean up and yard maintenance routine. In addition, neglecting your yard clean up duties too long can harm the health of your lawn irreversibly. The removal of outdoor debris is essential to maintaining a healthy, growing, and flourishing backyard.

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Professional Yard Cleanup Services

Taking care of your yard and landscaping is a lot of work: lawn mowing to paver installation, mulching to weed control, but one of the most overlooked landscaping services in Detroit, MI is also one of the most visually impactful! With the aid of a Lawn Care Detroit MI yard cleaning company, you can rid your landscape of all the aggravating debris, leaves, grass clippings, and more. This will diminish the appearance of your landscaping. Professional yard cleaning in Detroit, MI eliminates these problems without you having to handle rakes, heavy refuse bags, or spend a moment on tedious chores.

We provide comprehensive yard clean-up services for homeowners throughout all seasons of the year. As such, you can rely on us to care for and maintain your home’s landscaping all year round. Offering a wide variety of yard clean-up services in Detroit, MI from spring debris to the fall leaves and snow removal and even refuse hauling, we pride ourselves on offering highly convenient, affordable, and dependable services. Our Detroit landscaping and yard clean-up team has the tools, professionals, and reliability needed to get the job done and make your yard look beautiful!

Cost of A Yard Clean Up

Until more specifics are known about your Detroit yard clean-up project, it’s very difficult to provide an accurate estimate for service. For this reason, we offer you a complimentary at-home consultation and estimate for all of our lawn care services in Detroit, MI. Providing accurate pricing up front helps to reduce the risk of surprise charges in the future. Our team is happy to provide you with a free estimate if you would like to know the cost of your specific service. Simply call us and we will gladly do that for you!

Fall Clean Up Services in Detroit

Michigan is a magnificent place to see autumn colors in their full splendor. While the foliage is beautiful, it also means raking leaves and debris and doing extra yard work on your Saturday. Moreover, with Michigan’s variety of mature trees, a fall cleanup of your landscape will be absolutely necessary.

Landscape maintenance in the fall not only keeps your home looking gorgeous but also saves you time in the spring for gardening. In addition, keeping your lawn clear of debris prevents mold and fungus growth.

In addition to leaf removal, The Lawn Kingz can provide fall clean-up services this year to ensure your property is free of fallen leaves and debris. We will remove any debris from your lawn and landscape area, patios, decks, window wells, walkways, and any additional areas requested.

A fall clean-up service can usually be completed in one visit; however, due to the wide variety of trees in Michigan, additional visits might be required. When you don’t have the time to clean up after the leaves fall, let The Lawn Kingz handle it! Our team will ensure that your home looks the most beautiful throughout the year.

The Lawn Kingz Fall Clean-Up Services include:

  • The removal of leaves from lawns, beds, driveways, and sidewalks
  • Sweeping and hauling away debris from all hard surfaces
  • Inspecting the plants for signs of disease and insects
  • Eliminating annual flowers
  • Pruning perennials and dead-heading them
  • When necessary, pruning shrubs and ornamentals as needed
  • Applying fresh mulch as required
  • Gutter cleaning upon request

For more tips for an easier yard clean up read this resource.

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Spring Clean Up Services in Detroit

During the spring growing season, your grass needs help emerging from its winter dormancy. Your lawn and landscaping will accumulate debris like leaves and sticks during the winter. In the event that it remains there, grass and soil beneath it will be unable to absorb nutrients such as air, water, and light, which are all essential to photosynthesis.

The goal of our spring cleanups is to remove this debris and prepare your landscape beds for the growing season. Pressure washing your driveway and walkways to clean the dirt and grime from last season is something we offer as well.

In addition to our company uniforms and our company logo on our trucks and trailers, you will know we are coming to your home – we always arrive in our company uniforms. All of our technicians will be courteous and professional. The spring clean-up services we provide are so confident that we also offer a guarantee. No extra charge will be applied if you are not satisfied with what we do after cleaning. If you are still unhappy with what we do, we will come back to your property to fix it free of charge. 

Our company provides spring yard cleanups in Detroit, Michigan, and nearby areas of Metro Detroit. You can request an estimate for a cleanup after the winter season if your residence, condo, or building needs it.

Junk Removal Services in Detroit

There are many types of yard waste. During the recent storms, did you find huge branches strewn across your yard? Did you recently undertake a gardening or landscaping project that left dirt and debris everywhere? Is your yard piled up with junk and clutter that you have not had time to clean?

Is it time to tear down and dispose of that old shed or swing set? Your shed and anything else you have in your yard can be removed by Lawn Kingz on the same day.

Our yard debris removal service is efficient, safe and eco-friendly, so you won’t have to worry about picking up or disposing of your yard debris. Any type of yard waste we receive will be broken down and hauled away by our skilled debris removal team.

You don’t need to haul, load, and dispose of dirt, leaves, sticks, rocks, poison ivy, and other waste in your personal vehicle. Call The Lawn Kingz today!

We will provide a free estimate based on the amount of waste you need removed. Our fees are transparent. Our team removes junk, debris, and rubbish from your property.

What Our Clients Are Saying

One of the best landscaping companies Detroit has to offer!

I contacted Lawn Care Detroit about a spring clean up last week. They mowed the lawn, trimmed the hedges, and cleaned debris from my gutters. They did a wonderful job! They will go the extra mile to ensure that your satisfaction is met. The lawn care service provided is top-of-the-line and extremely affordable! I highly recommend them!
Detroit, MI
Last winter, I needed snow removal in Detroit services. I found Lawn Service Detroit on Google. They came out and shoveled my sidewalk and driveway and put down salt. Detroit winters can be brutal, so I paid them in advance to take care of my for the rest of the winter. Many thanks to Brandyn and his crew!
Detroit, MI
I called one of the best Landscaping Companies in Detroit when I saw how green my neighbor's lawn was. Lawn Kingz fertilized my lawn and I am thrilled with the results! The lawn is now greener and healthier than before. Your quick response to our questions were greatly appreciated! Your services have already been recommended to family and friends!
Detroit, MI
Lawn Service Detroit came out pulled the weeds and cut my grass. I mentioned to them i was looking for tree trimming and to my surprise it was a service they provided. I made an appointment for them to come back the following week. I love the lawn service I received. Their customer service has been excellent. Prices are reasonable too!
Detroit, MI

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Yard cleaning in Detroit, MI is the perfect way to improve the appearance of your landscaping in a short amount of time! For a free estimate and consultation at your home, contact our friendly, local lawn service Detroit MI experts today! You can expect to get all the information you need on yard clean-up in Detroit, MI. Soon enough, you will have a landscape that you can enjoy all year long.